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Exclusive sounds was opened in 2014 as a small car audio shop and has grown into a full aftermarket automotive service provider. Specializing in film application with vinyl, paint protection and window tint. 

As a former full time audio shop we still do offer and will continue to offer your best in quality automotive, motorcycle, marine, and off-road sounds.  for anything you have, we have a solution to make it rock out. 

Our expansion into the aftermarket world has connected us with some of the best company’s in the market for any of your mobile needs. Including but not limited to lighting, car and truck accessories, suspension products, vehicle care and maintenance, and plenty of other equipment to make sure we have or can do what you need. 

With our gathered knowledge and over 10 years of experience, we offer customizing, fabrication and general repair or installation of almost all equipment you may have that other shops may just not do. If we can’t handle the task with our community of close shops and professionals we work with, we can direct you to the right place to make sure you have the best experience possible. 



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We are a small team with above excellent customer service, you will always know who you are dealing with and all our staff is extremely knowledgeable about all of our products and services we offer. we carry dozens of brand name equipment in car audio, remote starts, LED Lighting, car and truck accessories to suite your every need.


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