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Films, Window tint, & vinyl wraps


Film Installation


We specialize in all film installation whether you want the windows tinted on your daily driver, change the color of your car, truck, boat, utility vehicle exct. Or adding our high end paint protection film to any application your looking to keep safe from daily wear and tear!

Window Tint

Our ceramic IR film is a leader in its industry blocking up to 80% of the heat from direct sunlight. While also filtering out the harmful UV rays. This film is available in all shades ranging from 5% limo black to their special formulated Air 80 % which gives you the full benifit of the ceramic film with out any shading so no visibility lost. Backed with an anti glade color stable base you can expect the highest performance and visibility with this film.

The carbon series is our most used line. It’s a wonderful film with shades ranging from 5% limo black to 55%. It has great visibility and is backed with a color stable carbon material to make sure this film keeps its pure black appearance for the lifetime of your vehicle.  

As our standard line of film that come in shades
 ranging from 5% limo black to 55%. It has a very budget friendly price and is a leader in the the industries traditional film being able to hold up to the wear and tear of daily use and abuse some vehicles may see.

Beat the heat and get your windows tinted by our professional installers. We use high quality suntek window film. This is a high quality film which blocks 99% of U/V rays. Suntek film does just that, it performs. It is a non reflective dyed film with a layer of metallized film which provides maximum heat rejection to keep your car cool on those hot summer days, as well as protect your interior. Offering shades from 3% to 50%.


Contemplating changing the color of your car? Need business lettering or logos made, have an odd ball item that just needs to be a different color? We have you covered, or should we say wrapped. With a huge range of possibility’s and limitless possibility’s on colors and patterns, our team of installers is well trained in the art of vinyl wrapping and helping you come up with the best design for what you’re looking for.

Paint protection Film

Tired of rock chips. Scared os scratches. Want to keep your paint looking brand new? our lines of paint protection film do just that. This self healing film has cane a long way in the industry, it’s ability to be virtually invisible, resist yellowing cracking and showing wear over time to keep your investment protected and looking new.

We offer many packages to suit what you are looking for from the product.

Whether you’re looking for your basic rock chip package. Covering the majority of your front end and probe chipping areas.

Our preferred package covering the full front end for your seamless nstall and best looking protection.

The full vehicle wrap which can cover all panels of your car for the ultimate protection.

As well we can do any parts individually along with custom installs for for items that may not be your average product needing protection.

Headlight Taillight Film

Using the best film in the industry. our headlight and taillight wrap films have amazing transparency for light but give you the best style and smoked appearance when off. 

Deciding if you want a pattern such as carbon fiber, metallic or brushed aluminum may be for our more unique installs. But you can never go wrong with our high gloss smoke that is as close to paint as it comes.



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